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Sachtler System Ace M GS

Aluminum Tripod System

Preço: € 600,00
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  • The Sachtler Ace Fluid Head with 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod & On-Ground Spreader is a full tripod system for videographers who use HDSLR cameras and smaller camcorders. Whether you‘re doing documentaries, ENG, weddings, corporate videos, or any other type of projects with a smaller camera, the Ace system matches your needs, enabling broadcast-style performance with lightweight components. With its light weight, compact size, and floor spreader, this system is perfect for projects that involve multiple setup changes on level surfaces.
  • With a payload up to 8.8 lb, the Ace fluid head features five steps of counterbalance as well as a plate that features a 4.1" range of adjustment, so you can balance your small camera to a very precise degree. Designed by Sachtler engineers for the Ace head, the SA drag system enables smooth, precise panning and tilting via the head‘s pan bar, with three grades of drag in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions, plus the option of zero drag. The head‘s tilt range is +90° to -75°.
  • The tripod mounts the head via its 75mm bowl. With the Ace head attached, the two-stage aluminum model reaches a maximum height of 68.1" for a comfortable working height for almost all users. Also included is an on-ground spreader, model SP 75, which adds to the stability of the system when you‘re operating on a level surface. The spreader features telescopic arms to accommodate different tripod heights.
  • SA Drag for Perfect Performance
  • For the Ace head, Sachtler engineers developed a patented drag, SA (synchronized actuated) drag, which guarantees accuracy and repeatability at a remarkable price. With three vertical and three horizontal grades of drag, SA drag enables fine adjustments for precise panning and tilting. Damping can also be completely deactivated
  • Lightweight Material
  • Weighing just 3.7 lb on its own, the Ace head is composed of a glass fiber-reinforced composite material, which keeps the head especially light and offers a comfortable, non-slip surface feel. The head enables camera operators to work extremely intuitively and professionally – and with the system‘s light weight and compact size, operators will want to take Ace on the go
  • Familiar Sachtler Features
  • The Ace head reflects Sachtler‘s 50 years of developing camera support products, which is evident in such practical features as the Ace camera plate‘s parking position for spare camera screws and the long 4.1" sliding range. The plate comes with a 1/4"-20 screw and a video pin
  • Broadcast Feel for Smaller Cameras
  • With its payload range of 0-8.8 lb, Ace is ideal for smaller HD & HDV camcorders as well as HDSLR cameras. The five-step counterbalance makes it easy to achieve proper balance quickly
  • General
  • Load Capacity
  • 4 kg
  • Maximum Height
  • 173 cm
  • Minimum Height
  • 57 cm
  • Folded Length
  • 87 cm
  • Leveling Bubble/Illuminated
  • Yes/no
  • Weight
  • 4.6 kg
  • Head
  • Counter Balance System
  • 5-step
  • Quick Release/Wedge Plate
  • Yes
  • Balance Plate
  • 10.4 cm range of adjustment
  • Tilt Drag
  • 3 grades each in horizontal and vertical, plus zero
  • Tilt Range
  • +90° / -75°
  • Tilt Lock
  • Not specified by manufacturer
  • Spring Loaded Counter Balance
  • In 5 steps
  • Legs
  • Material
  • Aluminum
  • Head Attachment Fitting
  • 75mm bowl
  • Leg Stages/Sections
  • 2/3
  • Leg Lock Type
  • Thumb screws
  • Independent Leg Spread
  • Yes, without spreader attached
  • Spiked/Retractable Feet
  • Yes/yes
  • Center Brace
  • No
  • Operating Temperature
  • -30 to 60°C
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