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Tiffen Stedicam Merlin ArmVest

Lightweight stabilizer system

Preço: € 1595,00
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  • The Steadicam Merlin is by far the world’s lightestand most advanced hand-held stabilizer.
  • Ultra-rigid aluminum construction enables stablemoving shots at unprecedented focal lengths,and inventor Garrett Brown’s unique Folding-Caliper
  • hinge extends and retracts to balance cameras aslight as one-half pound, yet it automatically seeksthe compact storage position.
  • By itself Merlin weighs just 13 ounces (.36kg) withoutits stainless steel add-on weights. With the standard gimbal,Merlin was rated to carry camcorders weighing only as much as six pounds (2.7 kg).Merlin Arm and Vest make extended shooting nearly effortless.
  • Even with heavy cameras – up to seven pounds (3.2kg) with theoptional Metal Gimbal – the Merlin can now fly for hours withoutundue fatigue, and preserve all the flexibility and reach of the
  • operator’s own arms.
  • DV Compatible
  • Exclusive 6-Bearing Metal Gimbal Assembly
  • "Folding Caliper" Hinge
  • Patented 3-axis Gimbal Handle
  • Lightweight
  • Weighs less than 12.8 oz
  • Supports cameras from 0.5 to 5 lbs (up to 7.5 lbs with arm and vest)
  • Affordable cost
  • Quick release mount
  • Ultra-compact folded design
  • Aluminum alloy upper and lower spars
  • Includes:
  • -2lb to 7.5 lb Camera Capacity Iso-Elastic Arm with 28" Boom Range
  • -Merlin Vest with vertical adjustment and two-axis socket block
  • -Additional Merlin Weight Set
  • -Quick-start guide for assembly and use
Tiffen Steadicam PILOT-AA / VL

Tiffen Steadicam PILOT-AA / VL
Support Equipment and Cases | Stabilizers

Tiffen Steadicam Merlin

Tiffen Steadicam Merlin
Support Equipment and Cases | Stabilizers

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